What's UP
A Cottage Farm LLC

Our shop is normally open weekends
12:00 to 5:00 
through October  
Except not this year due to Covid 19
Please join us for wine tasting, antiques, organic seasonal produce, and much more 
in the near future - Hopefully
see you all soon,

                                                     Linda and Larry


Garlic : ten organic varieties in bulk or braids.
Early Red Italian, Polish White, Lorz, German Red, German Stiffneck, Purple Glazer, Chesnook Red, Spanish Roja, Kilarney Red, and Romanian Red. Try our signature farm made garlic cooking wine.

Artisan Fruit Wines
 handcrafted from fruits and berries grown on the farm.  Currently available: Hard Cider, Red Currant, Apple, Raspberry, Cranberry, Blackberry, Plum, and Garlic cooking wine.

Seasonal produce - heirloom and nutrient dense varieties

 - We barn and estate-sale looking for those perfect pieces.  Come see what we have found

 - Hand-thrown on the farm.  A variety of pieces including garlic keepers and bakers.  We have many unique baskets and fun gifts.

-A Country Ride Back in Time-

Beyond A Cottage Farm
We are on Thurston County Bountiful Byway.  Just follow the signs going north from Hwy 12 in Rochester or south from Olympia along Blacklake Blvd.  It's a scenic loop highlighting the hidden treasures of south Thurston County.  www.thurstonbountifulbyway.com.  

You may also consider a stay at American Heritage Campground: www.americanheritagecampground.com